Chain Link Fence

Most people are not big fans of chain link fence.  Probably because most of the ones you see are galvanized and remind you of a prison.  But they serve a purpose, and if done right, can look quite good.  Also,  chain link now comes in a variety of vinyl coated colors, most notably black and dark green.

Residential chain link has many purposes.  Most use it to keep their dog enclosed, but yet allows it to see out beyond the fence, which some believe helps with barking.  I raise Great Dane’s and Chihuahuas, and believe me, nothing helps with barking when it comes to them!  Chain link also helps keep out  larger varmints.

Fifteen years ago, chain link was an economical fence, but in today’s economy we have seen the price spike upward.  Steel shortages and China are mainly to blame for the cost almost tripling in fifteen years.  A 4′ chain link fence in 2000 was installed for $4.50 a linear foot (materials and labor).  Today it is installed for $12 a foot.  A 6′ chain link fence is virtually the same price as a 6′ privacy fence.

If you are thinking of having a chain link fence installed (residential), consider the following:

4′ and 5′

11 gauge fabric
16 gauge posts and top rail


11 gauge fabric
sch 20 pipe for posts and top rail

There are other gauges of posts and fabric.  I would not recommend 12.5 gauge wire and 18 gauge posts and top rail for a residential fence.  It just means everything is real light.  Also, remember post depth when installing chain link:  half the height of the fence!

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