Rising Fence Costs!

Most of my work is commercial, but I would say about 20% is residential, and of that 20%, 90% is gates and operators.  So when we did a privacy fence for a repeat customer this past week, I was amazed at the cost increase in materials for that fence.

6′ Cedar Privacy, 2.5″ metal posts 15g, 3 rails (2×4 treated), 1x6x6 cedar picket 3/4″, plus all other necessary materials totaled $14.50/ft when purchased at McCoy’s in San Marcos, Tx.  I could have saved a little bit buying the posts and pickets through my distributor, but they were not available to deliver.

With the above numbers, 250′ of privacy fence with a walk gate and a double drive gate is now over $20/ft installed.  Just think if you had a 1,000′ you needed installed, it would cost $20,000 more or less.  Ten to fifteen years ago, it would have been $12,000.  You could realistically put a wrought iron fence in for that price.

I’m not a big fan of privacy fences.  If I was doing one for myself, it would be board on board with cap and trim.  A board on board fence is now $25-30/ft.

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