The New Ranger HD

It’s been a few years since I have posted a blog, but many of you that know me probably have a good idea as to why! Thank you to all my family, friends, and customers who were there to support me during a difficult time!

Weel, now on to new technology in the residential gate operator business. For 23 years I have been a loyal US Automatic installer and 100% of my installs were Patriots. US has now come out with the Ranger HD, which you can get with the same cabinet as the Patriot (a huge plus!). Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons:


  • Circuit board is so much easier to navigate and install wiring
  • Limits have changed to the board instead of the motor!
  • The arm will not spin in either direction so limits won’t break or get stuck!
  • Upgraded charge controller on all systems from US Automatic to a digital display. The old charge controller was basically junk and we usually hardwired to the battery. New systems come with a 10-watt panel and a digital display showing the voltage and direction of charge (solar or AC).


  • Box lid has a lock, but come on! You just have to pull it!
  • Change the position of the LCR receiver in the box because a big battery makes it difficult to close the lid!

Overall, I love this new outfit from US Automatic! They made it easier on the installer and made a product that is up to date and a value for the customer! A typical install is around $2,000 on an existing gate. Price does not include add on features, such as a keypad or exit probe. All gate operator equipment now comes with a photo eye because the equipment won’t operate without one. See you next Blog!


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