The Right Fence for You (Fence, Gates, Gate Operators)

There are many reasons to buy a fence. Protection. Beauty. Privacy. Defining boundaries or accenting surroundings. Keeping children in or dogs out (or vice versa). Not to mention combinations of such purposes. You can blend the fence into the environment or make a statement with it. Choose from a range of styles and designs, multiplied by a variety of materials and quality grades. Fence, Gate, Gate Operators.

When evaluating the cost of a fence, consider how long you want it to last and how much upkeep and maintenance it requires. Also consider zoning laws and neighbors before making your final decision. Ask yourself whether you’ll be in your house for twenty years or will be moving soon. As well as, whether you mind maintaining your property or paying someone else to do it. A quality product will avoid future maintenance costs or can add value to your home.

The answers to questions such as these can steer you to the best category of fence that’s right for you.

We can install any type of fence. Whether it’s privacy, chain-link, vinyl, fancy, ornamental, or decorative, we are up to the challenge. Fence, Gate, Gates, Gate Operators, Fence Repair, Custom Fence, Cedar, Ranch, Chain Link, Wrought Iron, Custom Gate, Vinyl Fence, Pipe Fence, Concrete Fence, Welding, and Irrigation.

We’ve been building quality fencing for 73 years. We’ve had many Central Texas clients including Wal-Mart, The Outlet Mall, and the Hays Energy Project. Click About/Contact for more past customers and testimonials.
We’d like to help you with your next fencing project. Call us at 254-716-6888 to arrange an estimate, or use our on-line estimate form!



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